Valid car license and control card ( or certificate whose deadline does not expire before the date of return of the vehicle ), with a minimm of two years experience;
Valid Identity document – Identity card or International passport;
An age of 21 years;
After and agreement, the renter has to provide original and copies of his driving license or ID card/passport ( you can send the copies in advance ).

2. Renting Period:
-The minimum rental period is 2 days ( 48 hours );
-The maxim rental period is up to 6 months;
-If you would like to rent a car for more than 2 months , please contact our team so we can give you the most profitable prices and conditions.

3. Turning back delays:
-Upon turning back, the client has the right of 2 hours gratis period ( it has to be agreed in advance and entered into the rental conctract).
-Upon a delay from 2 to 4 hours, there is a 50% tax from the amount of money for 1 rental day.
-Upon a delay over 4 hours, we will tax the amount of charge for a full rental day.

4.Prices and payment:

- All the prices are in EURO with VAT included.

- The amount is based on a 24-hour rental period ( 24 hours are calculated from the time of the renting )
Payment is done:
- In cash at the time when the documents are filled and the car is given.
- Via bank – in advance, via bank account of the company given from us. *Taxes and commissions are paid by the client.
- Via credit card – in advance , with approved bank form or via credit card terminal ( only with a request for a place different than our office ).
*There is a possibility of a bank tax depending on the bank publisher.
- The deposit is paid during the contract process.
- The deposit is given back after our client returns the vehicle and there are no absences or damages.

5. Delivery/ Returning of the vehicle
- For the area around Sofia is 24/7 and free.
- Outside Sofia :Please call  !

5,1 The delivery of the address specified by the customer pays and the price is 10 €

6. Hiring a driver
f you wish to hire a driver , Bulgari Rent A Car will provide you at any time, as the service cost is 30 EUR a day plus the all the expenses for hotels ( if it is outside Sofia ).

7. Fuel
-The usage of fuel is paid by the tenant.
- The vehicles are given with the fuel available and are given back with the same amount;
- In case the vehicle is give back with less fuel, the difference is paid 1.40 EUR per liter.

8. Journeys abroad


9. The vehicles are equipped with:
- Vignette – Sales of tenant.
- Standart equipment, according to Traffic requirements – spare wheel, car jack, spanner, emergency triangle, fire extinguisher, first aid kit.
- Season tires – summer and winter.

10. Technical problems
- In case there is a technical problem, please contact our team on the emergency telephone , written in the rental contract.
- Car exchanges – in case there is a technical malfunction ( Landlord’s fault ) within 12 hours ( for Sofia ) and 24 hours ( on the territory of Bulgaria ), we will provide you an exchanging vehicle for free. In case there is a RTA or malfunction that does not depend on us, we will bring you a vehicle , right after you pay all the expenses on delivery and rent.

11. Car accident ( RTA ):
In case there is a car accident, please call the company telephones , written on the rental contract. Right after, please call the telephone for emergency situations in Bulgaria ( tel.: 112 ) and ask for cooperation.
Insurance is not valid in the occasions when :
The vehicle is driven after the usage of alcohol or drug substances;
When an RTA protocol is not presented for the accident from Traffic police upon vehicle return;
The renter has allowed an unauthorized in the rental contract individual to take control over the vehicle;
Tires or/and rims of the vehicle are damaged and a protocol is not provided from Traffic police;
The renter has damaged the vehicle or its accessories on purpose.
Thief Insurance is not valid when:
A protocol for the thief is not presented from Traffic police;
Vehicle’s documents and keys are not given back;
The vehicle is left unlocked;
The vehicle is left without an alarm system switched on;
Vehicle’s documents are left inside.